How to Be Motivated in Life

How to Be Motivated in Everything You Do? Motivation in Study, Work & Life!

How to stay motivated in life is one of the most sought after question amongst all. Everyone wants to become successful and for that you have to persevere a lot, which can only be done if you are motivated in whatever work you are doing for your dreams.

Motivation is the key to riches, success and happiness. So, today I will be talking about motivation in detail and also share some amazing tips to be motivated all the time, whatever you do whether you study or work.

What is Motivation?

First of all, let’s talk about the meaning of motivation. So, if you break it, it is made from the word “motive” which means “reason“.

Whatever you are doing right now, there is a reason behind it. If you are reading this post, there is also a motive/reason behind the same; you want to learn something about motivation from me.

According to me, “Motivation is anything which gives you a reason to do something in your life.

People often search for it outside, they think others will motivate them to do whatever they want to achieve in their life. But, that’s not the truth. If you want to find your motivation in life, that exists inside you.

No one, except yourself, can motivate you. And for that your REASON must be clear, why you are doing or why you want to do anything.

How to Be Motivated in Life?

As I discussed above, motivation is nothing but your REASON why are doing the work you are doing now or why you want to do the same in future.

If you want to stay motivated all the time, your REASON should be so DEFINITE that no other thought/factor/excuse may dominate over the same.

And by chance, if you get demotivated any time, just remind your REASON why you should do it. One more thing to be ket in mind, your reason must be backed up by some consequences visually imprinted into your mind.

The work your are doing for your dreams, if that’s emotionally connected with you; then you can get back to your work just be reminding the reason and the consequences. And if this doesn’t work somehow, then you need to set more definite purpose and reason so that no other feelings can dominate over that.

Frankly speaking, no other individual can motivate you for your dreams. They can only inspire and guide you. So, decide thoroughly your DEFINITE REASON why you want to do that.

How to Stay Motivated at Work?

If you are working anywhere, then just think of your family whenever you get demotivated. Also, if you don’t work effectively, then you won’t get better wages, your lifestyle will be affected and you will face problems in your life.

Businessmen have big goals like becoming the top personality in respective field, bring changes to people, give them happiness and serve the nation. Whatever be your reason why you want to do something or doing right now, just think of it and its consequences whenever you feel demotivated and negative.

Students Motivation in Study & School

If you go to school, do you have any reason why you go? The reality is, most of you go to school because your parents have enrolled you into it and if you don’t go, you will be scolded and beaten.

I know, you are too younger to have some definite goal-oriented reasons to go to even school. But, think at least of learning something which can help you to develop your mind and build some skills which you can monetize later to lead a better life.

Don’t think so much, just make a goal to, let’s say, top your annual examination. Prepare for that with sincerity, read a lot, understand the concepts, remember and practice as much as you can do in your whole session. Give you best and whenever you feel demotivated, just think of your desire to become a topper and the feeling after you will top the exam.

This small practice will make you motivated in everything what you are doing. It’s very simple and you know very well that simple things are usually hard to do on a regular basis.

Conclusion: How to Find Your Motivation in Life?

Everyone must have a goal to achieve, because you can’t persevere for a long time you have no direction. Whoever you are, whatever your goal might be and whatever you are doing right now; take a small break, sit alone calmly, think about your dreams and goals and the REASON followed by consequences why you want to do the same and you are doing right now.

Your mindset and intuition is the only source of motivation which can help you in achieving success in your life. Spend some good time with yourself analysing your current lifestyle and your dreams.

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