Importance of Soft Skills

Why Are Soft Skills Important in Comparison to Hard Skills?

Almost all of you agree that skills can help you in your career rather than degree. But do you know whenever we talk about skills, generally we refer to ‘hard skills’? So, what are soft skills and what’s the importance of soft skills in our life?

Talking about skills, any work which you can do well that’s your skill. Your expertise in any field or specific task is known as skill. Now, let’s talk about the two main types of skills.

What are Hard Skills?

Hard skills are any job-specific skills which is required to do a certain job/work/task.

For example, video editing is the hard-skill for a video editor, coding is the hard skill for a programmer, accountancy is the hard skill for an accountant, cooking delicious foods is the hard-skill for a chef/cook and all those skills that are work-specific are known as hard skills.

What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are people skills or social skills which reflects your approach to life, work and your surroundings. These are your personality traits how you behave with others, how you communicate, how you deal with problems and all other interpersonal skills which reflects your personality.

Some of the most important soft skills are communication skills, leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and the list goes one. Not only that communication skills consists of listening, speaking, public speaking, writing skills and all other communication ways.

Most Important Soft Skills in Today’s World

It’s hard to say which soft skills are most important and which aren’t because it will vary as per situation. However, I’m giving you a list of the most important soft skills for students, professionals and businessmen, almost everyone.

  • Communication Skills
  • Story Telling
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Flexibility
  • Self Motivation
  • Talent Management
  • Positive Attitude
  • Self Confidence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-awareness
  • Networking
  • Selling Skills
  • Work Ethics
  • Punctuality
  • Strategic Planning
  • Friendliness
  • Respectfulness
  • Conflict Management
  • And many more…

Importance of Soft Skills

Now, many of you might be thinking if we have hard skills then we can easily get a job. Ya, that’s right. But you need some soft skills also.

Suppose that you are a video editor in a film-making agency, won’t you talk with your boss, videographer and other people involved in finalising your work. There comes the importance of communication skills and team working.

Also, if you lack creativity, you wouldn’t be able to edit the video that great expected by your boss or the client. If you get a chance to lead a group of noob video editors, leadership will help you there. So, these all soft skills are very important in both your personal and professional life.

Life is full of ups and downs. If you haven’t adaptability, openness, and problem solving skills you can’t solve your daily life problems. Also, better communication skills will help you to strengthen your relationships.

I hope, now you have understood why soft skills are important in every aspects of our life.

Conclusion: Hard Skills vs Soft Skills

Summing up all, hard skills are no-doubt important for work but having soft skills will help you in boosting your corporate life as well as personal one. So, I would suggest you to focus more on soft skills after you have acquired the hard skills required for the job/work you are doing or want to do in the near future.

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