Why Most People Aren't Successful

Perfection Paralysis is the Reason Why Most People Aren’t Successful?

S… U… C… C… E… S… S… “Success” This word is always present in the wish list of everyone. All of us want to be successful, everyone is trying one’s best to achieve it. But, do you know why most people aren’t successful?

Whomever you think successful in life, have riches and whatever a normal human being wants and dreams, do you know why are they so? The big reason of their success is that they began their journey in their early ages.

If you will read about their journeys, most of the successful personalities had started their journey in early 20s. They had no favourable conditions, they had not much resources; even though they began and that’s the reason why they are successful.

Why everyone is not successful?

The very big reason why most people aren’t successful is that most of the people do not start. We are afraid of beginning any new task. This is because we think we have no any experience in this new project and we suspect on ourselves.

Many of you might think why should we do any new thing to be successful? See, if you will be doing the same thing you are doing for 2-3 years, you will get the same result, nothing new. And, if you are trying anything new that might not go right the very first time.

Now, let’s talk about why we fear from beginning.

What is Perfection Paralysis?

All of you might be aware with the disease “paralysis” which is the loss of the ability to move (and sometimes to feel anything) in part or most of the body, typically as a result of illness, poison, or injury.

It’s physical and we can easily see it. But, what we are talking about here “Perfection Paralysis” is a mental state which is intangible. You can’t see it even you might be suffering from the same.

Perfection paralysis is when you simply can’t start any work/task/project because you are so doubtful/concerned that you won’t do it perfect.

This is one of the biggest reason why most of the people aren’t successful. Whenever you get a chance or opportunity to do something is life, you don’t begin it only because you think it might not go perfect/right.

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Mindfulness Tips to Overcome Perfection Paralysis

Frankly speaking, there’s no one who will help you to get rid of perfectionism paralysis, except you yourself. It’s related to your mindset and to overcome it, you have to throughly think about the pros and cons of any task/work you want to start.

Don’t be so much concerned that it will be perfect or not? Remember, if you will start you will be somewhere in your journey of success; but if you won’t begin you will be nowhere. So, whatever opportunity you have, make the best use of it.

One more thing to be instilled in your mind is that no one is born with the ability to do anything perfect the very first time. Perfectionism comes through practice and persistence.

Have a look on whatever talent you have right now. Is it with you from the beginning of your life? No! You have cultivated it through continuous practice.

Always remember this;

The beginning is always today NOW.

The beginning is always today motivational quote

Why Most People Aren’t Successful?

I hope, now you have understood the reason behind successful people. They began their journey at very early ages without thinking about perfectionism, how will it be done? They cultivated their talent gradually year-by-year and now they are counted among the richest people.

Whatever be your situation or condition, whether you have resources or not, just start your journey with whatever work you can do. Make the best use of every opportunity you have and trust me, you will also achieve success in some years.

Thanks for reading…
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